Cold Wave Sweeps through Europe, Time to Choose SUNFLY HVAC

Affected by the cold air from the North Atlantic and Arctic regions southward, many parts of Europe suffered from a wide range of strong cold weather, which has lasted for more than a week so far, with snow and cold temperatures in the UK, France, Belgium and other countries, and France suffered the coldest April in 75 years.

city snow

It’s April.


What are the local effects of the cold snap in Europe?


Why is there a widespread strong cold snap?


How long will the cold snap last?


Why choose SUNFLY HVAC products when a cold snap is sweeping through Europe?


一、What effects have been suffered locally in Europe?


From March 30 to April 5, under the influence of strong cold air from the south of the polar region, the temperature in most parts of Europe dropped from 4 to 8℃ from west to east, with a local drop of 12℃ or more; the minimum temperature was generally lower than 0℃, among which the minimum temperature in Norway, northern Sweden, Finland, western Russia and central Belarus was generally lower than -8℃, with the minimum temperature in northern Norway, north-central Finland and north-western Russia reaching -20 to -12℃. 12°C; most of north-central Europe had average temperatures 4 to 8°C lower than normal for the same period, with light to moderate snow or sleet, heavy snow or blizzard in local areas.


The cold snap led to lows of -8 to -2°C in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and most of Switzerland, with lows of -20 to -12°C at high altitudes in Austria and Switzerland; daily lows in southern UK, France, Spain, Belgium, southwest Germany and some parts of Switzerland broke the record for the same period.


In addition to the cooling temperatures, rain turned to sleet or snow in western and central Europe, southern and southern Europe, and western and northern Europe, with some areas experiencing heavy to heavy snowfall.


In addition, the French Meteorological Office reported that the lowest April temperatures since 1947 were recorded in France during the night of 3 to 4 local time. Among them, -9.3℃ in Grand Mourmelon, Marne, -5.6℃ in Chateauroux, Andel and -3.2℃ in Vannes, Morbihan, all breaking the record low temperature in April for the past 75 years.


There were also widespread thunderstorms in Europe due to the strong convergence of warm and cold air currents. Parts of the UK were hit by strong winds.



二、Why is there a widespread strong cold wave?


According to expert explanations, this widespread cold wave process in Europe is caused by the combination of the southward pressure of the polar low vortex and the superposition of the westerly trough system.


三、How long will the cold snap last?


From April 8 to 10, the polar vortex will remain in northern Europe. The vortex will be strong and long-lasting, and temperatures will remain low in most parts of Europe. Meanwhile, there will be light to moderate snow or sleet in northern and central Europe and Eastern Europe, with heavy to heavy snow in some areas; light to moderate rain in Western Europe, southern central Europe and central-eastern southern Europe.


四、Why choose SUNFLY HVAC products when a cold snap is sweeping through Europe?


(一)Benefits of underfloor heating


1、Health function

Floor heating is the actual practice of Chinese medicine “warm feet and cool top”, giving people a good feeling of warm feet and cool head, a thermal environment in line with the body’s heat dissipation requirements, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, inhibiting cardiovascular disease, especially for the elderly and children, for arthritis patients more effective prevention and treatment.


2、Comfortable and hygienic

Floor heating by the ground heat, indoor temperature distribution from the bottom up gradually decreasing, indoor thermal environment temperature uniform, clean and hygienic, avoid the indoor air convection caused by dust and volatile odour.


3、Economic and energy-saving

The heating process is mainly by radiation heat transfer, indoor temperature distribution is reasonable, ineffective heat loss is less; the heat medium is transported at low temperature, the heat loss in the transport process is less; under the same comfort conditions, the interior design temperature is 2 to 3℃ lower than the traditional convection heating interior design temperature, the heat consumption can be saved by about 15%.


4、Wide range of heat sources

The heat source requires low temperature and can make full use of residual hot water, geothermal water, solar collector hot water, air conditioning return water, ground energy, wall-hung boilers, air energy, etc.


5、Does not occupy the use area, save space

Traditional convection heating, radiators and pipe decoration each occupy a certain amount of indoor space, affecting the interior decoration and furniture arrangement, while underfloor heating will be heating coils buried in the floor, does not affect the indoor aesthetics, does not occupy indoor space, easy to decorate and furniture arrangement.


6、Good thermal stability

The filling layer has a large heat storage capacity, and under intermittent heating conditions, the temperature changes slowly so that the indoor temperature remains stable.


7、Better regulation

Each room has an independent control switch on the water collector and manifold, and the switch or temperature adjustment of each room can be carried out through the control switch of the water collector and manifold.


8、Low maintenance and running costs, simple management and operation, safe and reliable.


(二)Advantages of SUNFLY HVAC


1. Excellent Quality

Internal multi automatic production line,A clear division of work,Equipped with high efficiency and precise production equipment


2. Refined Brand

China’s first HVAC manifold supplier, Focus on research produces twenty years in HVAC industry.


3. Serving the world with heart and soul

We have a professional sales elite team to provide you with customized, comprehensive and humanized heating solutions in pre-sales consultation.


4. The solid honor is known worldwide

SUNFLY always insists on “looking to the market with the spirit of innovation and breakthrough development”.


(三)Features of SUNFLY HVAC products and their advantages


1、Use ground source heat pump as heat source in winter and make full use of ground water and heat pump host for heating. Using groundwater and heat pump host heating, through the hydraulic balance module, different temperature and flow requirements are distributed by level and pressure, reasonably and evenly to each floor and room heating facilities, such as heat sink, towel rack, floor heating, domestic hot water, etc.


2、Independent temperature and running time, centralized control of temperature and running time, centralized control and efficient management to meet various heating requirements. Independent temperature and running time, centralized control, efficient management, meeting various heating needs, solving the problem of temperature difference and insufficient water pressure in large villas.


3、The overall idea of system design contains the technical connotation of high efficiency, precision, high safety and stability, and the latest technology is integrated into all aspects of the system to achieve safe, energy-saving and comfortable use.


4、The energy is more sustainable, carbon-free and environmentally friendly, saving 20% energy, and greatly improving the efficiency of energy management. Thus, it improves the level of green energy saving and is a new star among green energy saving products.

Post time: Apr-09-2022