In November this year, the chairman of our company led some employees to visit the markets of some countries and regions. Our company always believes that customers are our valuable wealth, and our business purpose is to satisfy customers. Only by understanding customers and the market can we achieve customer satisfaction and comply with the market trend.
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In order to understand the customers and the market, the Chairman decided to go to different countries and regions personally to observe the market more closely, master the progress of projects using heating equipment in various countries and regions, grasp the actual difficulties encountered in purchasing and installing, and know the next trend of heating equipment market in various countries and regions. Based on this information, the Chairman will formulate new work routes, solutions to problems, progress and time nodes of new product projects, etc., so as to provide correct and rapid ideas for scientific production and efficient development.
From the experience and technology gained from observing the market, the chairman often feedback and discuss with technicians, discussing the function and appearance of the popular manifold in the market, discussing the parts of the water mixing system and their upgrading, and the innovation of mature products such as radiator valves, temperature control valves, radiator accessories, etc. are also often concerned during visits.
In the process of visiting customers in various countries and regions, the Chairman also attaches great importance to customer visits in ideology. It is considered important to prepare well for the visit. Before the business trip, he is familiar with some conditions of the enterprise, including the person in charge of purchasing, the decision-maker, the market and sales status of the enterprise, and the credit status of the enterprise.

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The difference between customers and the market makes the direction and angle of observation different. The chairman and some other employees sometimes discuss the actual sales of manifold with customers in the customer's engineering pipeline store, and sometimes have more in-depth exchanges with customers in nearby restaurants, such as discussing why the specifications and sizes of a brand of manifold in a certain region are popular, how to enter the local market, and what products should be recommended.
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Post time: Nov-18-2022