Nowadays, more and more people install floor heating, and floor heating is accepted by the majority of families for its comfortable and healthy advantages. However, many people are using floor heating for the first time in their homes, and they don’t know how to adjust the geothermal water separator. So today, I will tell you how to adjust the water separator correctly.

1. Running hot water for the first time

In the first operation, hot water should be gradually injected to start the geothermal for the first time. When the hot water is supplied, first open the water supply main loop valve of the floor heating water separator, and gradually increase the temperature of the hot water and inject it into the pipeline for circulation. Check whether the interface of the water distributor is abnormal, and gradually open the valves of each branch of the water distributor. If there is leakage in the water distributor and pipeline, the main water supply valve should be closed in time and the developer or geothermal company should be contacted in time.


Second, the exhaust method for the first operation has been said

During the first operation of geothermal, air locks are easily generated due to pressure and water resistance in the pipeline, resulting in non-circulation of supply and return water and unequal temperatures, and should be exhausted one by one. The method is: close the total return water valve of heating and the adjustment of each loop, first open a regulating valve on the geothermal water separator, and then open the exhaust valve on the return bar of the floor heating water separator to discharge water and exhaust, and after the air is drained Then close this valve and open the next valve at the same time. And so on, after each air is exhausted, the valve is opened, and the system is officially running.

3. If the outlet pipe is not hot, the filter should be cleaned

A filter is installed in Brass Manifold With Flow Meter. When there are too many magazines in the water, the filter should be cleaned in time. When there are too many magazines in the filter, the water outlet pipe will not be hot, and the geothermal heat will not be hot. Usually, the filter should be cleaned once a year. The method is to close all the valves on the floor heating water separator, use the adjustable wrench to open the end cover of the filter counterclockwise, take out the filter for cleaning, and put it back as it is after cleaning. Open the valve and the geothermal system can work normally. If the indoor temperature is lower than 1°C without heating in winter, it is recommended that the user should drain the water in the geothermal coil to prevent the pipeline from freezing.

Post time: Jan-26-2022