Sunfly Group produce manifold with very high quality,it`s very popular and liked by clients from all over the world.But some other factories manifold still face the problem to leakage when using in floor heating system.  

1.If the floor heating water manifold is leaking,first check the location of the leak and analyze the cause.If there is a leak at the joint,you can deliberately wrap the biochemical tape and reassemble it.

2.Radiant floor heating is an advanced heating method.Its working principle is to pass circulating hot water to the heating pipe loop under the floor or floor tiles or directly lay heating cables to heat the floor.The heat passes through a large area of the ground and is mainly radiated to the space above the floor dissipate evenly,so that the human body can feel the dual thermal effects of heat and air temperature. 


The floor heating system is generally divided into three parts:1> Heating system (large boiler self-heating for central heating,wall-hung boilers, gas stoves,etc.)2> Control system (manifold,multi-function filter,backwater stop valve,mixing pump, circulating pump etc.)3> Heat exchange system (including insulation board,radiant paper and fixed steel mesh,etc.)

The floor heating water manifold is the control center of the entire indoor geothermal heating.It has the function of dividing the flow and pressure.When the heat medium flows into the room,it enters the main pipe of the water manifold after passing through the multifunctional filter.In this step,the filter filters out the heat medium in order to prevent impurities from entering the underground pipeline network to block the pipeline. The main pipe is installed horizontally.In this way,using the principle of equal height and equal pressure, the heat medium is evenly distributed to the branch pipes.After the heat exchange system,the branch pipes flow back to the main pipe of the water collection msnifold,and then flow from the backwater outlet into the heating system.In addition,a water mixing device is added to the self-heating,which means that after the heat exchange,the temperature of the heat water is still very high.At the same time,energy can be saved.

Post time: Dec-21-2021