Our Sunfly Group produce much manifold to our clients each year,then how to maintenance of manifold in heating is very inportant,below is some suggestion.

1.Hot water for the first time

When the heating season comes,the heating will be tested firstly to see if there is any water leakage.This step is not lacking even if the heating is tested in the first time.When the hot water is supplied,open the main water supply valve of the floor heating manifold to remove the heat.The temperature of the water gradually rises and is injected into the pipeline to circulate.Check whether there is any abnormality in the interface of the floor heating manifold,and gradually open the branch valves of the manifold.


2. First exhaust

Because of the pressure and water resistance in the heating pipeline,it`s easy to generate air.Therefore,in the first operation of geothermal,it`s easy to cause the phenomenon of non-circulation of the supply and return water and unequal temperature,so it is necessary to exhaust one loop by one loop.The method is very simple:close the total return valve of heating and each loop adjustment of each loop,open a regulating valve on the manifold,and then open the exhaust valve on the backwater pipe of the floor heating water separator to discharge water and exhaust,and drain it.Close this valve after the air is released, and open the next valve at the same time.By analogy,after each path of air is drained,the valve is opened,so that the system is officially running. 


3. Filter cleaning

Most people don’t realize the importance of filter cleaning.Under normal circumstances, each floor heating manifold is equipped with a filter.When there are too many impurities in the water,the filter should be cleaned in time,otherwise the outlet pipe will not be hot.If the ground is not hot,it is usually cleaned once a year.

When cleaning,close all the valves on the floor heating manifold,use an adjustable wrench to open the filter end cap counterclockwise, take out the filter for cleaning, and put it back as it is after cleaning.

Post time: Dec-14-2021