Greetings warm people’s hearts, every blessing spread love, in this cold winter, Zhejiang port is full of the warmth of home
Good luck in the year of the ox, good luck in the year of the ox, the new year is coming, I wish you a happy new year and a safe family! I wish you a lot of money and congratulations! Happy new year in 2021!
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Right 2 Xinfan HVAC – Chairman (Jiang Linghui), right 1 Xinfan HVAC – General Manager (Wang Linjin)
Recently, the Qinggang chamber of Commerce in Yuhuan City, together with Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., vice president of the chamber of Commerce, visited Fanhai village, yanye village and fanhong village. They went to more than 20 poor families and sent them oil, rice, milk, big gift bags and other consolation items, which brought them a warm feeling towards the Spring Festival.
Jiang Linghui, chairman of Xinfan HVAC, and Wang Linjin, general manager of Xinfan HVAC, had a cordial and intimate conversation with them. They asked them about their physical conditions, sources of income and living conditions in detail, listened to their difficulties, demands and wishes, told them to take good care of their health, encouraged them to face difficulties optimistically, built up their confidence and courage in life, and sent them to the Spring Festival My blessing. As an excellent enterprise manager, the chairman of Xinfan HVAC always pursues the concept of “as big as the enterprise is, as big as the social responsibility is”.
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Left 1 Xinfan HVAC – Chairman (Jiang Linghui), right 1 Xinfan HVAC – General Manager (Wang Linjin)
“Thank you! Thank you for your concern for our needy families. I will cheer up and live a good life. ” Aunt Cai, a poor old man, had tears in her eyes and kept thanking her. The 85 year old man finally showed a smile after a major family accident.
On the eve of the Spring Festival every year, Jiang Linghui and Wang Linjin went to each village to express their sympathy to the people in need. “We hope to send the warmth of the enterprise to the hearts of the common people, so that they can really feel the warmth, and hope that they can have a happy new year.” Wang Linjin said
“Through the development of the condolence activities, we have truly warmed and helped poor families, and brought the warmth of enterprises to the hearts of the people. Looking at the smiles on the faces of the poor people, I deeply feel that the social responsibility of enterprises is very important. We will continue to respond to the call of the party and the government, strive to be the practitioner of civilized practice in the new era, actively integrate into the overall situation of poverty alleviation, and take poverty alleviation as an important way to fulfill social responsibility, shape corporate image, and carry forward traditional virtues. It is hoped that the villagers who have received donations this time will have a happy new year, strengthen their confidence in getting rid of poverty and becoming rich, and get rich as soon as possible and run for a well-off life. “. Jiang Linghui said.

Post time: Apr-22-2021