SUNFLY: Building a brand of HVAC intelligent control system

Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SUNFLY”) takes the responsibility of creating a globally competitive HVAC intelligent control system brand, and has been cultivating the industry for more than 20 years. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, SUNFLY has transformed from simple manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and from local to international, and is loaded with honors, reflecting the brand’s self-confidence and boldness.


With 24 years of precipitation, SUNFLY has witnessed the development and growth of the HVAC industry in China and the world, and is also a participant and builder in it. During this period, SUNFLY has grown from focusing on developing the manifold market to becoming a modern enterprise integrating the design, development and sales of copper manifold, temperature control valve, heating valve, mixing system and complete heating system solutions. Adhering to the core spirit of “one step at a time, endless pursuit”, SUNFLY has made rapid development and gradually become a strong brand with both strength and potential by virtue of its quality and professional strength, and its visionary layout of the Chinese and global markets.


It is worth mentioning that SUNFLY products are also used in many important large-scale projects, such as the geothermal project of Beijing Olympic Stadium. Zhejiang Invisible Champion Cultivation Enterprise”, “Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center”, “Zhejiang Outstanding Private Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Famous Trademark”, “Zhejiang Province Zhejiang Famous Trademark”, “Made in Zhejiang”, “Zhejiang Trademark Brand Demonstration Enterprise”, “Zhejiang New Industrial Product”, “Zhejiang Innovative Demonstration SME”, “Zhejiang Innovative Model SME”, “National Specialized Small Giant Enterprise” and many other honors.


On the other hand, in order to ensure the quality as one, SUNFLY also introduced advanced testing equipment and established a complete product testing system, and the products have passed ISO 9001-2008 quality management system, EU CE and many other certifications.


Deep insight into the HVAC market demand, SUNFLY insists on product innovation, constantly improving the process, work method, adjusting the process flow, establishing a strong R & D team, realizing the core competitiveness of the products, developing a number of independent R & D technologies, and so far obtaining 59 authorized patents.



Relying on advanced technology, SUNFLY has also created several reputable products that are widely praised by the market. Such as SUNFLY production of one forged flowmeter type manifold, in performance compared to traditional manifold products, has significant superiority, highlighted in its bending resistance, torsion and other physical properties, SUNFLY one forged flowmeter type manifold in the spool opening and closing times than the traditional manifold to improve 3 to 5 times. The excellent manufacturing process has also been endorsed by authoritative institutions, and the product has obtained the “Made in Zhejiang” “Heating manifold” certification.


SUNFLY has not only reached deep cooperation with Zhejiang University, but also reached technical cooperation and exchange with China University of Metrology, Jiangxi University of Technology and other research institutes. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection is fully penetrated into the product development and design, SUNFLY has gradually formed a green development mode of continuous leading in products and market.


Service is the future of the enterprise, technology makes the enterprise development, unity makes the enterprise eternal principle, SUNFLY will be high-quality HVAC intelligent control system and perfect service system to build a good reputation, open a new journey of brand development, to create a shining business card to highlight the brand strength and image.

Post time: Apr-26-2022