Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau announced the 2021 Zhejiang AAA-level “Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping” Enterprise.There are total of 10 companies in Yuhuan on the list.In the 10 enterprises,which 4 were announced for the first time,and 6 continued to be announced for a period of two years.During the publicity period,dynamic management is implemented and social supervision is accepted.Our Sunfly Group got the reputation,to be one of this 10 enterprises,it`s a very great news to us,thanks a lot for all support from our partners.


Our Sunfly Group are focus in the production of “Sunfly” brand brass manifold,Stainless steel Manifold,water mixing system,temperature control valve,Thermostatic valveRadiator valve,ball valve,H valve,heating,vent valve,safety valve,valve,heating accessories,complete set of floor heating equipment.

A distinctive feature of the market economy is the credit economy based on contracts. “People cannot build without trust,and nothing can be done without trust.” The same is true for an enterprise.Therefore,any enterprise must establish the concept of “ contract-abiding and credit-worthy ” in order to gain a firm foothold in the increasingly open and increasingly competitive global market economy.

Our Sunfly Group have developed 22 years,we have the current achievement cause of all partner`s support and client trust.We got this reputation from our Zhejiang Province Market Supervision and Administration Bureau,it`s a great encouragement to us,we will keep do our trust,faith and honesty to all our friends,and try best be a role model in our Yuhuan city,even whole Zhejiang Province.


Honesty always be the first rule to clients in our Sunfly Group,many clients have cooperated with us more than 10 years,some even15 years,the main reason is our honesty to all clinets,we trust each other.Our Chairman Mr Jiang also tell us the important of intergrity to customers,do everything to trust each other,then more reputation and respect from clients will come to us.Sunfly Group will be better.

Post time: Sep-09-2021