Recently, the column of “Science and Technology Vision – Today’s Technology” of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group visited again Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co.


Three years ago, the column team invited Jiang Linghui, founder of SUNFLY HVAC, into the studio. As a leading figure in Zhejiang HVAC industry, in the studio, he expressed to the audience the original intention of HVAC industry people and the sense of mission to the industry: to build a national brand of HVAC intelligent control system.


Three years later, the columnist team went into SUNFLY HVAC again, this time, the reporters were not only interviewers, recorders and witnesses, but more of old friends’ conversations.

During the interview, SUNFLY HVAC’s development process made the reporter exclaim, “SUNFLY HVAC is developing rapidly and gradually growing into a strong brand with both strength and potential.” SUNFLY HVAC has grown from focusing on developing the manifold market to becoming a modern enterprise integrating the design, development and sales of manifold, temperature control valve, heating valve, mixing system and complete heating system solutions, so it is not surprising that the reporter had such a feeling.


In this interview. Jiang Linghui, founder of SUNFLY HVAC, said, “In these three years, SUNFLY HVAC has established a national laboratory based on major provincial projects, and also won the ” Made in Zhejiang, World Quality” and ” National-level Specialized and Specialized Small Giant Enterprise” and other honors, these honors are also the recognition of our SUNFLY HVAC in the industry for more than 20 years.”


Over the past twenty years, SUNFLY HVAC has been committed to value creation and continuous improvement of service quality based on innovative technology in order to help customers truly realize “Better life from heart”!


Post time: Aug-19-2022