For floor heating, the Brass Manifold With Flow Metera vital role. If the manifold stops working, the floor heating will stop running. To some extent, the manifold determines the service life of the floor heating.
It can be seen that the installation of the manifold is very important, so where is the most appropriate installation of the manifold?
In fact, as long as the design is reasonable, the manifold can be installed in many positions, and installation in different places also has different advantages in use.
The bathroom is equipped with a waterproof layer, in case of water running problems in the manifold, it can also make the water flow along the floor drain without soaking the room.
②Kitchen balcony:
The advantage of installing it outdoors is that it is convenient for later maintenance. If there is a dripping phenomenon, it can also be discharged through the floor drain.
③The wall below the wall-hung boiler:
Under normal circumstances, the floor heating manifold is installed on the wall below the wall-mounted boiler, and the location is required to be easy to operate and to facilitate sewage discharge. Because the outlet water and the return water each have one, the two need to be staggered to a certain position, so that the outlet pipe and the return pipe of the same route can be matched and matched. Note that the height should be close to the ground, and the installation should be firm and reliable to avoid being hit and dislocated.
So, what should be paid attention to when installing the manifold?
1. Manifolds should not be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, or in storage rooms or cabinets.
Because the location of the manifold should be designed in a place that is easy to control, maintain, and have drainage pipes. If installed in the bedroom, living room, storage room, etc., not only is not conducive to maintenance, but also affects the efficiency and design of the room.
2. Different housing structures should also be analyzed in detail and treated differently.
For semi-overfloor rooms, the manifold is suitable for installation at high or low places; for the type of duplex structure, the manifold is suitable for installation on the corresponding unified main pipes on the upper and lower floors; for public construction projects, the manifold must be considered The symmetrical placement of the pool, especially the narrow surrounding pool, must prevent the excessively dense arrangement of the manifolds caused by the excessively densely arranged spacing; some large bays or floor-to-ceiling glass curtain buildings cannot be installed against the wall, you can consider placing the manifold at the front desk, Adjacent rooms, for the sake of beauty, can use flower beds or other shapes as manifold boxes.
3. The manifold should be installed before laying the floor heating pipe
The manifold is installed in the wall and in a special box, usually in the kitchen; the valve under the water collector is installed horizontally at a distance of more than 30 cm from the floor; the water supply valve is installed in front of the manifold, and the return water valve is installed behind the water collector; The filter is installed in front of the manifold;
When installed horizontally, generally the manifold is more suitable to be installed on the top, the water collector is installed below, and the center distance is better than 200mm. The center of the water collector should be no less than 300mm from the ground. If installed vertically, the lower end of the manifold should be no less than 150mm from the ground. Distributor connection sequence: connected to the water supply main pipe-lock valve-filter-ball valve-three-way (temperature, pressure gauge, interface)-manifold (upper bar)-geothermal pipe-water collector (lower bar)-ball valve -Connected to the main backwater pipe.


Post time: Jan-07-2022