New employee training kicked off after our spring job fair in March 2022, when we welcomed several new employees to our company. The training was informative, informative and innovative, and was generally welcomed by the new employees.

During the training, there were not only lectures by professional training instructors, but also experience sharing and exchanges between new and existing employees. Their introduction and explanation gave the new staff a preliminary understanding of the history, development status, future development direction and goals of Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. . They also introduced to the new staff our advantageous products, technical experts and the training of young talents. Through a vivid example, they let the new staff understand that our company has created many good conditions for staff to study and further their education, and encouraged young talents to actively innovate and improve their business level and academic research.

Manager Wang of the Foreign Trade Department gave a short but powerful training. He asked the new employees to also learn about the news dynamics of floor heating and floor heating-related industries after the training, to understand the company’s products in their next studies and work, and to understand the similarities and differences between the products of other companies in the industry and the company’s products. He said, “Only by understanding the products can we understand the needs of our customers, do a good job of service and win their respect and trust”. Manager Wang also welcomed new staff to discuss issues with him after the training to learn and progress together.

The new staff training is busy and meaningful, and its purpose is to promote new staff’s familiarity and understanding of the company and to help them get familiar with their work as soon as possible. The training has not only strengthened the new staff’s understanding of the company, but also deepened the friendship between colleagues and laid the foundation for better work in the future.


Post time: Apr-07-2022