Sunfly Group specialized in heating sysyem manufacturing 22 years,we are focus in the production of “Sunfly” brand brass manifold,Stainless steel Manifold,water mixing system,temperature control valve,Thermostatic valve,Radiator valve,ball valve,H valve,heating vent valve,safety valve,valve,heating accessories,complete set of floor heating equipment.

Specially for manifold,it`s our main product,we produce it with brass and stainless steel material currently.With drain valve,vent valve,ball valve,vent valve,pipes together,the manifold will be used in heating system very well.

Where is the floor heating manifold installed

The floor heating water separator is composed of two parts: water distributer and water collection,collectively called the floor heating water manifold.The water distributor is a water distribution device used to connect the water supply pipes of various heating pipes in the water system.The water collector is a water collection device used to connect the return pipes of various heating pipes in the water system. The main accessories of the floor heating water separator are water separator, water collector, inner joint connector,filter,lock valve, articulated head, valve, exhaust valve, heat meter etc.

In fact, there are many locations for the water separator to be installed, as long as the design is reasonable.For example,it can be designed to the bathroom,which has a waterproof layer.Secondly,the water separator can also be installed outdoors,so that the purpose of installation is mainly to facilitate later maintenance.Such as on the balcony of the kitchen,if there is dripping, it can also be drained through the floor drain.

Generally installed on the wall below the wall-mounted boiler:the floor heating water separator is generally installed on the wall below the wall-mounted boiler, and the location is required to be easy to operate and easy to drain.Because there have one for both of the outlet water and the return water,this two must be staggered to a certain position,so that the outlet pipe and the return pipe of the same route can be matched.The height should be close to the ground, and the installation should be firm and reliable,and not easily collided and dislocated by other objects.

Floor heating water separator installation requirements

1. The water separator is installed in the wall and special box,usually in the kitchen;

2. The valve below the water collector should be installed horizontally at a distance of more than 30 cm from the floor;

3. The water supply valve is installed in front of the water separator,and the return valve is installed behind the water collector;

4. The filter is installed in front of the water separator;

5. Distributor connection sequence:connect to the main pipe of water supply -lockbale valve-filter-ball valve-three ways(temperature,pressure gauge, interface)-water separator (upper bar)-geothermal pipe-water collector (lower bar )—Ball valve—connect to the return water main pipe.

Post time: Aug-06-2021