The function of the Brass Manifold is used to connect the water supply and return water distribution and water collection devices of various heating pipes. According to the incoming and outgoing water, it is the manifold and the water collector, so it is called the manifold or the manifold in engineering, or the manifold for short. Its function: Diversion and balance are about, the manifold is generally divided into copper manifold and stainless steel manifold, so is the manifold better to choose stainless steel or copper? What is the difference between these two materials?

The difference between copper manifold and stainless steel manifold:

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One: whether rust and oxidation are different

 Stainless steel will not oxidize and will not rust. The real 304 stainless steel should not change color for many years. If the color changes, it means “stainless iron”. Copper will be oxidized to produce verdigris. Most brass manifolds will develop in a few months. It was dark and oxidized.

Two: the size of the supervisor’s caliber is different

 The main diameter of the general stainless steel manifold reaches DN40; the main diameter of the brass manifold is generally DN25, 32.

Three: The warranty period is different

The warranty period of the real 304 stainless steel manifold is longer than that of brass. Although it cannot be said that stainless steel manifolds have a longer lifespan, the general warranty period of brass manifolds on the market is 2-3 years, while stainless steel manifolds are used. The warranty period reaches 5 years.

 Four: different material prices

 Brass is a non-ferrous metal, which is more expensive than stainless steel, but the post-processing cost of stainless steel is much more expensive. This is also the reason why there are many “black heart” manufacturers who use “stainless iron” to pretend to be “stainless steel”, which makes people feel that the quality of stainless steel manifolds is not good, thus damaging their reputation.

However, in the current market, including Europe, the price of real stainless steel manifolds is more expensive than that of brass manifolds, and “stainless iron” and “stainless steel” are not easy to distinguish. Most owners and service providers still choose brass manifolds. Tube.

Post time: Jan-18-2022