In early July Sunfly Group welcomed a group of special guests visiting,Comfortable Household Branch of China,Mr Liu Hao and his delegation visited Sunfly Group for research and exchange.Mr Liu`s group visited our samples room by guidance of Chairman of Sunfly Group Mr Jiang Linghui.Mr Jiang introduced in details of our       company development,product research,market development at home and abroad,patent application,apply for a national laboratory and so on.

President of China Comfortable Home Branch

Mr. Liu highly praised Sunfly’s achievements in new product research and development, in the field of HVAC and participating in the formulation of relevant national standards.He hoped that Xinfan could make persistent efforts to continue to make more contributions in the field of HVAC.

President of China Comfortable Home Branch1

Xinfan HVAC has been established for 22 years.It is one of the earliest companies involved in the HVAC industry and product development in China.It is the earliest company and industry leader in the HVAC industry in Yuhuan City.For more than 20 years, our products have been deeply loved by customers at home and abroad for their good performance and excellent product quality.

President of China Comfortable Home Branch2

Our company specializes in the production of “Sunfly” brand brass manifold,Stainless steel Manifold,water mixing system,temperature control valve,Thermostatic valve,Radiator valve,ball valve,H valve,heating vent valve,safety valve,valve, heating accessories, complete set of floor heating equipment. Our products are sold to markets of Europe,Russia,middle Asia,Middle-east,America and so on.

President of China Comfortable Home Branch3

Holding the pulse of the market and expanding the international perspective,Sunfly is committed to achieving the goal of independent innovation with excellent process design and manufacturing quality,and is committed to achieving the highest enjoyment of human housing,science and technology and energy saving,and walking out of the differentiated development path.

President of China Comfortable Home Branch4

With the leading process design,excellent quality,independent innovation and development planning,Sunfly provides professional,reliable, green and energy-saving solutions for every family and project in the world.Create comfortable and livable life experience,improve people’s quality of life,constantly innovate and make breakthroughs,and realize the highest enjoyment of people,science and technology and energy conservation.

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