Brass manifold

Basic Info
  • Mode: XF20162B
  • Material: brass hpb57-3
  • Nominal Pressure: ≤10bar
  • Adjustment Scale: 0-5
  • Applicable Medium: cold and hot water
  • Working Temperature: t≤70℃
  • ActuatorConnection Thread: M30X1.5
  • connection Branch Pipe: 3/4"Xφ16 3/4"Xφ20
  • Connection thread: ISO 228 standard
  • Branch spacing: 50mm
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Warranty: 2 Years Model Number: XF20162B
    After-sale Service: Online technical support Type: Floor Heating Systems
    Product name: Brass Manifold Keywords: Heating manifold
    Brand Name: SUNFLY Color: Nickel plated
    Application: Apartment Size: 1,1-1/4”,2-12WAYS
    Design Style: Modern MOQ: 1 sets brass manifold
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    Brass Project Solution Capability: Graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for Projects, Cross Categories Consolidation

    Product parameters

    Brass Manifold With Flow Meter Drain Valve And Ball ValveModel:XF20162B Specifications



    A: 1’’

    B: 3/4’’

    C: 50

    D: 250

    E: 210

    F: 322

    Product material

    Brass Hpb57-3(Accepting other copper materials with customer-specified, such as Hpb58-2,Hpb59-1,CW617N,CW603N and so on)

    Processing Steps

    Production Process

    Raw Material, Forging,Roughcast, Slinging,  CNC Machining, Inspection, Leaking Test, Assembly, Warehouse, Shipping

    Production Process

    Material Testing, Raw Material Warehouse, Put In Material, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Forging, Annealing, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Machining, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Finished Inspection, Semi-Finished Warehouse, Assembling, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, 100% Seal Testing, Final Random Inspection, Finished Product Warehouse, Delivering


    Hot or cold water, heating system, mix water system, Construction materials etc.

    Main Export Markets

    Europe, East-Europe, Russia, Middle-Asia, North America, South America and so on.

    Product description

    How to choose a good manifold?
    1. Check whether it meets the heating demand.
    Commonly used water separator materials on the market include copper, stainless steel, and other synthetic materials. Different materials have different prices and heating performance. Therefore, when choosing a water separator, you must choose the appropriate material for the water separator according to your own heating needs to avoid any impact on future use.
    2. Understand whether the product structure could installed easily.
    The installation of floor heating water separators requires certain skills, so before buying, it is necessary to understand which type of water separator is better to install and more suitable for your own home use. The common installation methods of the water separator are: welding and assembling. It is necessary to choose the appropriate installation method. This is a great skill when purchasing the water separator.
    3. The material quality must be excellent.
    In order to reduce the replacement cost of the water separator when purchasing products, you should consider whether the material is durable. For example, the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the material, and whether the heating operation will produce a lot of scale.
    4. The processing technology should be precise.
    When purchasing a water separator, it is important to look carefully at the degree of precision of material processing. If the quality of the water separator is rough and the quality of the product is poor, it will affect the normal operation of the floor heating, and in severe cases, it will cause safety hazards due to parts falling off.
    Main Export Markets

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