Temperature regulator XF57647

Basic Info
Power supply : AC220V(50/60Hz)
Ambient temperature range:-5~50℃
Temperature control range: 5~35℃
Protection class : IP40
Temperature control accuracy:±1℃

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Details

Warranty:2 Years     Post-sales Service: Online technical support
Brass Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for Projects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Application: Apartment Design Style: Modern
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: SUNFLY   Model Number: XF57647

Type:Floor Heating Parts

Keywords:Digital temperature regulator

MOQ:500 pcs

Product name: Temperature regulator

Processing Steps

Production Process

Material Testing, Raw Material Warehouse, Put In Material, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Forging, Annealing, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Machining, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle InspectionFinished Inspection, Semi-Finished Warehouse, Assembling, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, 100% Seal Testing, Final Random Inspection, Finished Product Warehouse, Delivering


Hot or cold water, manifold for floor heating, heating system, mix water system, construction materials etc.


Main Export Markets

Europe,East-Europe,Russia,Middle-Asia,North America,South America and so on.

Product Description

Capacitive touch-key week-programme thermostat with ultra-large color LCD screen

1.Ultra-large color VA screen (vertical alignment technology)—.

2.Capacitive touch-sensitive key—better interactive experience.

3.Can be individually tailored to personal routines—up to 6 heating events can be set separately.

4.Recommended for control of electric heating device or on/off valve actuator in hydronic underfloor heating.
Panel XF570021970 (1)

Panel XF570021970 (2)Manual mode

Thermostat works according to the manual-set

temperature totally, not clock-controlled programmer.

Panel XF570021970 (3)

Clock-controlled programmer mode

Programmed is circled weekly; for each week up to 6

heating events can be set separately. Heating events,

weekday and temperature can be individually tailored to

personal routines.

Temporarily set in programmer mode

Thermostat works according to the manual-set

temperature temporarily and then shifts back to clock-

controlled programmer until next event.

User operation

1)Press “M” shortly to change manual and clock- controlled

programmer mode.

Press “M” for 3 seconds to edit week programmer.

2)Press“Panel XF570021970 (4)” shortly to turn on/off the thermostat.

3)Press “Panel XF570021970 (5)” for 3 seconds to edit time and date.

4)Press “Panel XF570021970 (6)” or “Panel XF570021970 (7)” shortly to change setting temperature by 0.5°C.

5)Press  “Panel XF570021970 (6)” and “Panel XF570021970 (7)” at the same time over 3 seconds to activate child lock, “Panel XF570021970 (11) ” appears.

To deactivate, press again. “ Panel XF570021970 (10)” disappears.

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