Stainless steel Manifold with flow meter ball valve and drain valve

Basic Info
Basic Info
Material:Stainless steel
Nominal pressure: ≤10bar
adjustment scale: 0-5
Applicable medium: cold and hot water
Working temperature: t≤70℃
Actuator connection thread: M30X1.5
connection branch pipe: 3/4"Xφ16 3/4"Xφ20
Connection thread: ISO 228 standard
Branch spacing: 50mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Warranty:2 Years     Post-sales Service: Online technical support
Brass Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for Projects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Application: Apartment Design Style: Modern
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China Brand Name: SUNFLY
Model Number: XF26017C
 Type:Floor Heating Systems

Keywords: Stainless steel Manifold

Color:Raw surface


MOQ:1 set 

Product name: Stainless steel Manifold with flow mater ball valve and drain valve

Product parameters

SS manifold XF26017C Specifications SIZE:1”
MIX SYSTEM XF15231 A: 1’’
B: 3/4’’
C: 50
D: 400
E: 240.5

Product material

Stainless Steel 

Processing Steps

Production Process


Hot or cold water, manifold for floor heating, heating system, mix water system, construction materials etc.


Main Export Markets

Europe,East-Europe,Russia,Middle-Asia,North America,South America and so on.

Product Description

The water mixing center is a water temperature and flow control system composed of a circulating water pump, an electric regulating valve, a ball valve with a thermometer, a controller, a temperature sensor, a filter valve, and a sub-catchment device.

The role of mixing center

The water mixing center adjusts the temperature of the high-temperature water provided by the wall-hung boiler through a thermostat and a regulating valve, and converts it into low-temperature water required for floor heating.

While adjusting the water temperature, the circulation pump can also be used to adjust the flow rate to improve the overall comfort of the floor heating.

In addition to these two main functions, the water mixing center also has functions such as reducing the temperature fluctuation of the outlet water of the wall-hung boiler.

Considering the safety and comfort of floor heating, the floor heating water temperature required by the national standard is not more than 60℃, and the suitable temperature is 35℃~45℃.

If the water outlet temperature of the wall-hung boiler is set at 45°C, it will be in a low-load operation state, and the thermal efficiency will often be lower than the optimal value, which also brings two problems:

1. The low temperature operation of the wall-hung boiler is likely to cause frequent start and stop of the equipment, which will increase the energy consumption and affect the service life of the wall-hung boiler.

2. Insufficient combustion of gas aggravates the carbon deposit of wall-hung boilers, which affects the normal use of wall-hung boilers for a long time.

PS: If it is a condensing furnace suitable for low-temperature operation, the above problems will not occur.

The installation of the water mixing center allows the wall-hung boiler heat source and the floor heating terminal to work in their respective suitable working conditions at the same time, which improves the efficiency of the system and reduces the frequent start and stop of the wall-hung boiler to a certain extent.

Secondly, the water mixing center will provide accurate water temperature and flow according to the needs of the room. While improving comfort, it also reduces energy consumption to a certain extent.

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