Water control brass ball valve

Basic Info
Mode: XF83501
Material: brass hpb57-3
Nominal pressure: ≤10bar
Applicable medium: cold and hot water
Working temperature: t≤100℃
Connection thread: ISO 228 standard

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Details

Warranty: 2 Years Number: XF83501
After-sale Service: Online technical support Type: Floor Heating Systems
Style: Traditional  Keywords: Brass water control ball valve
Brand Name: SUNFLY Color: Nickel plated   
Application: Office building Size: 1"
Name: Water control brass ball valve  MOQ: 1000pcs 
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brass Project Solution Capability: Graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for  Projects, Cross Categories Consolidation


Product parameters

adasq (5)





1 1/4”


adasq (2)

A: 1’’


C: 93.5

D: 52

Product material
Brass Hpb57-3(Accepting other copper materials with customer-specified, such as Hpb58-2,Hpb59-1,CW617N,CW603N and so on)

Processing Steps

Anti-burns constant temperature mixed water valve (2)

Raw Material, Forging,Roughcast,Slinging, CNC Machining,Inspection,Leaking Test, Assembly,Warehouse,Shipping

Production Process

From start to end, the process includes raw material,forging,machining,semi-finished products,annealing,assembling,finished products.And over all process,we arrange quality department to inspection for every step,self-Inspection,first inspection,circle inspection, finished inspection,semi-finished warehouse,100% Seal Testing,final random inspection, finished product warehouse,shipment.


Hot or cold water, manifold for floor heating, heating system, mix water system, construction materials etc.

Brass ball valve with gauge   (7)
Brass ball valve with gauge   (4)

Main Export Markets

Europe,East-Europe,Russia,Middle-Asia,North America,South America and so on.

Product Description

About the function, this ball valve is used to control the water open or closed, often connect together with manifold use in water heating or cooling system. The opening and closing part of manifold valve is a ball with a circular channel, rotating around the axis perpendicular to the channel, the ball rotates with the valve stem to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the channel. Manifold valve requires only 90 degrees of rotation and a small torque to close tightly. According to the needs of working conditions, different driving devices can be assembled to form a variety of manifold valves with different control methods.

In order to prevent corrosion from oxidation, brass valve is generally made of corrosion-resistant pure copper or synthetic materials. Commonly the materials are used in copper, copper nickel, nickel alloy, high temperature plastics and so on, also make better processing on surface to protect by nickel-plated or chrome-plated.

In essence, hope to bless all people live better and better in future.

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