Mixing water system /The water mixing center

Basic Info
Material: brass hpb57-3
Nominal pressure: ≤10bar
Applicable medium: cold and hot water
Working temperature: t≤100℃
Temperature control range:30-70 ℃
Temperature control range accuracy :±1 ℃
Pump connection thread: G 11/2”
Connection thread: ISO 228 standard

Product Detail

Product Tags

Mixing water system /The water mixing center

Warranty: 2 Years After-sale Service: Online technical support
Brass Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design, total solution forProjects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Application: Apartment Design Style: Modern     
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China, Zhejiang, China(Mainland)
Brand Name: SUNFLY Model Number: XF15183
Type: Floor Heating Systems Keywords: The water mixing center
Color: Nickel plated Size:  1”
MOQ: 5 sets Name: The water mixing center

A: 1’’


C: 124

D: 120

L: 210

Product material

Hpb57-3,Hpb58-2,Hpb59-1,CW617N,CW603N,or Customer designated other copper materials, SS304.

Processing Steps

Production Process


Hot or cold water,heating system,mix water system,Construction materials etc


Main Export Markets

Europe,East-Europe,Russia,Middle-Asia,North America,South America and so on.

Product Description

The role of mixing center

1.Solve the problem of switching from central heating to floor heating

At present, northern central heating or district heating systems are mostly designed for radiator heating users. Generally, the water temperature supplied to users is 80℃-90℃, which is much higher than the water temperature required for floor heating, so it cannot be directly used for floor heating.

Water temperature has a great influence on the service life and aging performance of floor heating pipes. For example, the service life of PE-RT pipes can be up to 50 years below 60°C, 70°C is reduced to 10 years, 80°C is only two years, and 90°C is only one. Year (from the data of a pipe factory).

Therefore, the water temperature is directly related to the safety of floor heating. The national standard recommends that when central heating is switched to floor heating, a water mixing device should be used to cool the hot water.

2.Solve the problem of mixing radiator and floor heating

Both floor heating and radiator are heating equipment, and the floor heating is highly comfortable, and the radiator can be heated immediately.

Therefore, some people want to do floor heating in frequently used areas, and radiators for vacant or low-frequency rooms.

The working water temperature of floor heating is generally about 50 degrees, and the radiator needs about 70 degrees, so the boiler outlet water can only be set to 70 degrees. The water at this temperature is directly supplied to the radiator for use, and then the water after cooling through the mixing center can be used. Supply floor heating pipes for use.

3.Solve the pressure problem on the villa site

In floor heating construction sites such as villas or large flat floors, because the heating area is large and the pump that comes with the wall-hung boiler is not enough to support such a large area of ​​floor heating, the water mixing center (with its own pump) can be used to drive a large area of ​​floor heating.

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