Brass safety valve

Basic Info
Model Number:XF90339B
Material : brass hpb57-3
Nominal pressure : ≤ 10bar
Setting pressure :  2.5 3 3.5 4 5 6 7 8 bar
Applicable medium : cold and hot water
Max.Opening pressure : + 10%
Min.Closing pressure : -10%
Working temperature : t≤100℃
Connection thread : ISO 228 standard
Specifications:1/2” 3/4"

Product Detail

Product Tags

Warranty: 2 Years Number: XF90339B
After-sale Service: Online technical support Type: Floor Heating parts
Style: Modern Keywords: Safety valve
Brand Name: SUNFLY Color: Nickel plated
Application: boiler,pressure vessel and pipeline Size: 1/2” 3/4"
Name: Female thread ball valve MOQ: 1000pcs
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brass Project Solution Capability: Graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for  Projects, Cross Categories Consolidation

Product parameters


Model NumberXF 90339B




A: 1/2”

B: 1/2”




Product material

Brass Hpb57-3(Accepting other copper materials with customer-specified, such as Hpb58-2,Hpb59-1,CW617N,CW603N and so on)

Processing Steps


Raw Material, Forging, Roughcast, Slinging,  CNC Machining, Inspection, Leaking Test, Assembly, Warehouse, Shipping


Material Testing, Raw Material Warehouse, Put In Material, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Forging, Annealing, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Machining, Self-Inspection, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, Finished Inspection, Semi-Finished Warehouse, Assembling, First Inspection, Circle Inspection, 100% Seal Testing, Final Random Inspection, Finished Product Warehouse, Delivering


Hot or cold water, manifold for floor heating, heating system, mix water system, construction materials etc.


Main Export Markets

Europe,East-Europe,Russia,Middle-Asia,North America,South America and so on.

Product Description

The safety valve is installed in the closed water circulation system and plays the following roles: it is used to protect the heating, air conditioning and water system from exceeding the set pressure safety value when operating. His working principle is:When the pressure in the system exceeds the allowable pressure, the operating pressure will be greater than the spring force. As a result, the spring is compressed, opening the valve and discharging through the discharge line. After the pressure is reduced, the spring spring forces the rod and diaphragm back into the seat, closing it.Its particularity is because different from other valves, it not only plays the role of switch, but more importantly, it plays the role of protecting the safety of equipment.Safety valve, also known as automatic pressure relief valve, installation of pipeline system.This product with a pressure gauge, more intuitive, when the pressure in the system is greater than the valve pressure value, automatically open the relief valve, prevent the system due to excessive pressure is damaged.It weighs about 250g.This product has a separate pressure relief hole that can be taken over.The relief valve must be pressure tested before use.The installation and disassembly of the product, as well as any maintenance or adjustment operations shall be carried out without pressure in the system to keep the product temperature consistent with the ambient temperature.Our raw material is HPB573, after high temperature tempering 57.3 copper pipe is not easy to crack, longer service life,and its system is small, easy to install.

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